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21 December 2010

Logos: Avant Beaute

This is a logo that i made for a good friend of mine and her fashion, beauty and lifestyle site check it out @ WWW.AVANTBEAUTE.COM also follow avant beaute on twitter » @avantBEAUTE

Logos: Ace of spades - Rouge Minuit

These logos were for a new caffeine drink for Armand de Brignac (Ace of spade), this new drink is called Rouge Minuit which means red midnight in English.
For this project i was the logo designer so all of this is my work, there is tons more but this is just to give you an idea.
For this project i had to study Armand de Brignac and break them down as a company spend hours looking at their logo and them as a brand very interesting stuff.

Logos: Space Rascals

In the last few weeks i have been working on a lot of logos this is one of the first.
Space Rascals was a project that i had to do for a toy company. If i had to choose between the coloured and the black one I'd go for the black, i prefer the black one but i had to send them both.

28 September 2010



Just a quick update this is a screen shot of my work that has been used on the Carharrt website

05 September 2010

Drahmah's Carharrt presspack


Another job done for @Drahmah, this time for his Carharrt press-pack also the art work for his new single called London Ft. Dice Frsh video out on the 25th of Oct on iTunes

Grind or Starve ~ G.Maggs


G. Maggs is a South London underground rap artist about to bring out his 1st mix tape and he rang me to take some pictures for him. This is the 1st mix tape cover i've made for tell me what you think.Here are some of the unedited photos that i took for also taken for G.Maggs. I should really be putting up the unedited pictures but I'm being lazy right now lol.

Amal Fashanu behind the scenes

A little while back I helped take the behind the scenes photos at Amal Fashanu's photoshoot for a press pack and her website The Photographer was my very very good friend Seye Iizsik aka @TwIizsik_tog I've known this guy for over ten years, make sure you check out his work at »»»
Here are a few of the picture from the shoot, I also remade and vectored the logo.

12 August 2010

Everybody Knows: Video & Pictures

Everybody know is a track taken from the new EP 'The Monster EP' by
Here are a few of the behind the scenes pictures that were taken at the video shoot.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Moj Arabistic
Follow drahmah on twitter: @dirteedrahmahuk
Download The Monster EP:

21 July 2010

Box Men

Those of you that have me on blackberry messenger would have seen me put up some pictures of some Box men, well this photos were taken by Anton tang not me (i wish).

Singapore based photographer Anton Tang seems to have a terrific passion for the Danbo (cardboard box toy robot). What he has done / is doing with it is pretty amazing and will make you say ‘Awww….” He bought some ‘Amazon cardboard box’ Danbos from eBay shop and literally gave life to it. Fantastic, creative (thinking out of the box :-) ) talent indeed. Here are some of his best, cute and funny ‘Danbo cardboard box toy robots (along with some other random toys) in life situations’ art photographs for your inspiration.

I just felt to share this with you and some of his work, if you want to see more check out

04 June 2010


The platforms are endless so watch this space you might see something you like :)

Money Never Sleeps

Money Never Sleeps M.N.S. was established in 1992. Through years of dedication to their music and a desire to spread positive vibes they have become widely respected across Europe and are recognized along with OTR as innovators and an inspiration to the entire UK/Europe music scene.
Consisting of a dedicated team of musically motivated members M.N.S represent one of the UK's most dynamic and charismatic street-reared brands of recent years. Making great music, having a good time and creating the right vibe is the essence of what they do. M.N.S. is an eclectic montage of uplifting and energetic entertainment
I was asked to come down and take a few pictures for my good friend DirteeDrahmahUK (click to see twitter) have a look, also check out the video for more info on M.N.S.