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04 June 2010

Money Never Sleeps

Money Never Sleeps M.N.S. was established in 1992. Through years of dedication to their music and a desire to spread positive vibes they have become widely respected across Europe and are recognized along with OTR as innovators and an inspiration to the entire UK/Europe music scene.
Consisting of a dedicated team of musically motivated members M.N.S represent one of the UK's most dynamic and charismatic street-reared brands of recent years. Making great music, having a good time and creating the right vibe is the essence of what they do. M.N.S. is an eclectic montage of uplifting and energetic entertainment
I was asked to come down and take a few pictures for my good friend DirteeDrahmahUK (click to see twitter) have a look, also check out the video for more info on M.N.S.

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