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07 June 2011

Photography and Graphic design for Bella Benetton

Bella Benetton is a plus size range unlike any other as it features an adventurous colour palette splashed on luxurious yarns and threads designed to beautify the full figured woman.

Friendly Homes


07 March 2011

Redd portfolio building shoot

A few weeks ago i did a shoot for Redd Makeup artists, i have been meaning to put up some of the pictures but ill been so busy.
So yh let me know what you think also check out

30 January 2011

Another Meeting With F-Jay

So I had another meeting with my good friend F-Jay down at the new studio, Took a couple snaps for his new mixtape "Save me a seat"(when the link comes out ill add it) and push pack. Check out the pictures n tell me what you think.

06 January 2011

4am lunch


So this morning about 4am i was both bored n hungry not a good combo at all so i decided to make 1 of my famous omelettes and i felt like snapping away while making it. I did get carried away with the amount of pictures i took and almost burnt it but im god in the kitchen so it was cool.

21 December 2010

Logos: Avant Beaute

This is a logo that i made for a good friend of mine and her fashion, beauty and lifestyle site check it out @ WWW.AVANTBEAUTE.COM also follow avant beaute on twitter » @avantBEAUTE

Logos: Ace of spades - Rouge Minuit

These logos were for a new caffeine drink for Armand de Brignac (Ace of spade), this new drink is called Rouge Minuit which means red midnight in English.
For this project i was the logo designer so all of this is my work, there is tons more but this is just to give you an idea.
For this project i had to study Armand de Brignac and break them down as a company spend hours looking at their logo and them as a brand very interesting stuff.

Logos: Space Rascals

In the last few weeks i have been working on a lot of logos this is one of the first.
Space Rascals was a project that i had to do for a toy company. If i had to choose between the coloured and the black one I'd go for the black, i prefer the black one but i had to send them both.