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21 July 2010

Box Men

Those of you that have me on blackberry messenger would have seen me put up some pictures of some Box men, well this photos were taken by Anton tang not me (i wish).

Singapore based photographer Anton Tang seems to have a terrific passion for the Danbo (cardboard box toy robot). What he has done / is doing with it is pretty amazing and will make you say ‘Awww….” He bought some ‘Amazon cardboard box’ Danbos from eBay shop and literally gave life to it. Fantastic, creative (thinking out of the box :-) ) talent indeed. Here are some of his best, cute and funny ‘Danbo cardboard box toy robots (along with some other random toys) in life situations’ art photographs for your inspiration.

I just felt to share this with you and some of his work, if you want to see more check out

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Did you Make the Box Men your Self
and well done