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11 January 2010

Free Stock Photos...

Free Stock Photos for your Website or anything for that matter.

I have been looking on the web for solid sources for photography sites that have cheap or free images that i could to aid me in my work. There are 100s ever 1000s of sites but alot of them would break the bank.
I have made a list of some of the best sites that have really good free or cheap image banks for you to use.


Probably the largest and most well known repository of free stock photos, stock.xchng is an invaluable resource for finding free stock photos.

Stock Vault

I only recently discovered Stock Vault as I was doing research for this post, so I haven’t had the chance to give it an extensive test drive, but I did download a few images and I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the quality of the stock!


BigStockPhoto also has a collection of freebie photos, which contains some really great shots which are ideal for use on your website or blog.


deviantART has a ton of stock photos available, though they tend to have a much more limited usage. Most of the images you will find here are posted primarily as reference material for other artists.


Yes, the grand daddy of all stock photography sites also offers some free images! Like Shutterstock, there is one free image every single week!

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